St. George Grade Checks

Chances are you’ve seen the result of poor grading sometime in your life. It could have been a musty basement that leaks every time it rains and takes in water every snow melt. Or a lawn ruined by pooling water, turning the grass into a miniature pond in the spring. That’s what happens when developers don’t put enough effort into their grading design! That’s why we offer St. George grade checks as one of our many architectural and design services. 

Good building design is a school made up of many smaller schools. It’s not enough to draw up great building plans, you need to see how they will work in concert with every other surrounding element as well. How a building will work with the local environment, how it will exist on a day-to-day basis. It’s about foreseeing future problems and heading them off in the planning stage.

Strong grade design prevents future harm. It accounts for snow melt, rainy spring seasons, and even acts as a bulwark against larger scale flooding. Water damage can be one of the most costly and demoralizing things to repair, whether you’re talking about a private residence or a larger commercial building, so preventing it from ever being a problem in the first place is definitely the way to go.

Design with an eye towards the future. Call out team at G. Douglas Vallee Limited for your St. George grade check.

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