St. Thomas Architect

Want to build something grand? Sounds like you need the fine architectural minds at G. Douglas Vallee Limited! We’ve been in the business of designing and developing buildings, great and small, since 1964, a pursuit that has continually intrigued and inspired us. When you need an architect you can rely on, we’re the firm to call.

Great architecture comes from great minds, and we’re proud to say that we have more than a few on staff. Our core team of designers and engineers are all veterans of their respective fields. Together, they represent over 300 years of design, development, and architectural expertise. We’ve spent our lives building things, and we take that knowledge with us to every job we go to.

But, a good architect is never content to rest on their laurels, and at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we believe that the only way to move is forward. That’s why we embrace a progressive education and training system in our shop. Our core staff don’t just rely on their wealth of experience, we continually seek out new ideas and techniques to incorporate in our work. We are committed to staying at the top of our game by continually improving and updating our office to make sure we have the latest in tools and techniques to provide for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to build a new home, plan out a subdivision, map out an factory, or something more stately like a chapel, we can help. When you need an architect, trust in G. Douglas Vallee Limited to bring your project to life.

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