St. Thomas Bridge Engineering

There are few more important to a structural engineer than designing and building a new bridge. For as common a sight as they are, it’s always important to remember that bridges are series feats of engineering that require the utmost planning, design, and attention to detail. When you have a St. Thomas bridge engineering job, don’t leave it with any old firm, call on the skilled and experienced hands at G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

Structural engineering is the ultimate combination of creativity and hard science. A lot of math goes into any major weight supporting structure, and the bigger the bridge, the bigger the numbers. Fully understanding the demands placed on a heavy exposed structure that is designed to be heavily trafficked is something that takes years of education and practical experience. Fortunately, our core staff has a wealth of both.

But, designing a bridge is also a creative endeavor. As hard as the engineering science behind it is, a bridge is also a landmark in its community. It says something about the people that live there and should be designed in a way that enhances the community aesthetically as well as practically.

It’s a tall order to be sure, and that’s why you want the best. We’ve been involved in countless bridge and structural engineering projects across Ontario. We’ve worked in every sector and at every scale imaginable, and our team of designers and engineers are more than equipped to take on any challenge. Call on us for your St. Thomas bridge engineering project and know that you hired the right firm for the job. 

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