St. Thomas Grade Checks

It’s time for a grade check, and I’m not talking about your report card. Whether you’re developing a new project or just want to safeguard the long term well-being of your current property in St. Thomas, a grad check is one of the best investments you can make in for the future.

Dealing with water is always a nightmare. Whether you are talking about a flooded basement, or just some water seeping in where it doesn’t belong, it is always an expensive headache to deal with. Cleaning up mold, drying out water-logged supports, fixing a crack foundation, these are all things we want to avoid!

A properly administered grade check can help ensure you never have to deal with those problems. By surveying your property and the local topography, we can gauge what kind of flood or standing water problems you may have to deal with and help create alternative runoff paths and drainage options to compensate. 

So let’s get those marks in! When you’re ready for a St. Thomas grade check that will help ensure the future of your property, give us a call!

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