St. Thomas Grading Design

What does something like water runoff have to do with designing a building? More than you might think! Design is a school of a thousand other studies, and one of the most important (yet unsung) elements of a good project is proper grading design! In St. Thomas and in every project we take on, we believe strong design starts with paying attention to the details, which is why we offer comprehensive grading design services to our clients.

How good your grading design is will determine what kind of building you have in the future. Done well, you have a strong building that is well-insulated, mold-free, and sitting on a settled and reliable foundation. Have mediocre grading design, and you end up with a water-logged building that floods in the basement, collects disgusting mold in the walls, and winds up with a eroded foundation down the road. 

Paying attention to your grading design today is an investment in your future. By designing safe runoff routes and drainage into your property from the beginning, you can avoid the harmful pooling and seepage that slowly spells doom for so many properties.

Make the smart choice today so you’re not cursing yourself out tomorrow. Contact G. Douglas Vallee for the St. Thomas grading design for your next project.

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