St. Thomas Home Plans

Prospective homeowners sometimes question why they should go to the trouble of having professional house plans drawn up. The feeling is that a small home project doesn’t warrant that kind of detail, especially when there are basic programs out there that one can use to sketch out a project. At G. Douglas Vallee, we believe every job worth doing is worth doing right, and a set of professionally drafted St. Thomas home plans can be worth their weight in gold when you begin to actually build your home.

Professionally designed home plans are an essential part of home construction. They set the stage for the rest of the project to follow, just as you have to build on a solid foundation if you want a building to stand the test of time, you need to have the proper plan in place if you want your build to go smoothly. Your home plans will allow you to fully visualize what your final home will look like, make any revisions you see fit, and help sketch out your full budget and what can be accomplished.

Professionally designed plans help save you hassle in the long run. From not only making sure that every aspect of your home is up to code, but also functional, livable, and exactly as you want it to be. We’ll identify the blind spots and potential problem areas most people miss. Things like boundary lines with your future neighbours, drainage and the elimination of waste water, nearby public utilities and how they may impact construction.

It’s all about lending our experience and knowledge to you. When you trust your St. Thomas home plans to the professionals at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, you can be sure your project is getting off to the start it deserves. 

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