Strathroy Bridge Engineering

When it comes to modern cities, one of the most challenging engineering projects is still a quality bridge. Despite being around since the dawn of civilization, bridges still represent not just an important part of city life and transit, but symbols of growth and connectedness for cities. At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our experts are always excited to take on a Strathroy bridge engineering project!

Structural engineering is a discipline of a hundred different schools. At the base of good structural engineering is a foundation of hard math. Calculations that look at the exact dimensions needed, the maximum weight bearing support of a structure, estimations on wear and future maintenance, and far, far more. It’s a science.

But, building a bridge is also about aesthetics. Bridges become landmarks after all, important touchstones in a community. A good bridge should not only be safe, secure, and provide transport over a body of water or road, it should also elevate the community around it. 

This is a challenge to be sure, but for the team at G. Douglas Vallee, there is nothing we enjoy more! We’ve worked on countless bridge engineering projects and are always eager to apply what we’ve learned to another project! If you have a Strathroy bridge engineering project, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and call G. Douglas Vallee to get started!

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