Strathroy Civil Engineering

Civil engineering in a city like Strathroy takes a lot of forethought and planning. Civic projects need to be properly considered in a variety of perspectives, from what they are intended to accomplish for the community, to how to best serve those needs going into the future. It takes a firm with a lot of skill, experience, and vision to make that kind of project a success. 

Thankfully, that’s just another day at the office for G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

Do we sound a little cocky? Well, we can afford to confident at G. Douglas Vallee, because we know we only employ the best. Our core team is made up of a diverse team of experts with complimentary specialties and skills. We have registered land use experts on hand, architects, and a cadre of engineers and designers hailing from a variety of industries and backgrounds. We have the depth of technical knowledge and practical skills necessary to take on any civic project.

As a firm, we’ve worked for municipalities on everything from to skate parks to sewage plants. From mundane culvert maintenance, to tricky bridge maintenance and repair. We understand exactly what is required to make a civil engineering project not just succeed in terms of keeping on schedule and under budget (although those values are important), but how to ensure the project will genuinely benefit the community. 

Trust in the best for your civil engineering project in Strathroy. Call us today so we can start building for a better community tomorrow.

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