Strathroy Grade Checks

A grade check? Is that when you peak over your classmate’s shoulder to get an eyeball of their test results?

Not exactly. In the land development world, a grade check is an essential process that looks at the topography around your property and determines how it will effect the water flow in the area. It’s a simple, but often overlooked, process that can save you thousands in costly repairs and maintenance down the line. That’s why we encourage every Strathroy property owner to consider a grade check. 

A good grade checks will take a comprehensive look at your property, the land surrounding it, and the environmental trends of the area. It isn’t enough to look at a lot and say “well, the curb out front has a drain, so it should be fine.” You need to understand where the water that lands on your property is likely to go. When it rains, where does the runoff from your downspout go? Is it being directed to a safe drainage area that can handle the likely flow for your area, or is it seeping back into your foundation? When you get a ton of snow in late December and then it all thaws mid-January for a week, is your lawn going to turn into a swimming pond that will leave it a wreck in the summer? 

A Strathroy grade check is a small service that can have a big impact on your future. Knowing exactly how your property can and can’t handle water, run-off, and melt can help you avoid a calamity in the making. Give us a call to schedule a conversation about how quick and easy it would be to provide your property with a professional grade check. 

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