Strathroy House Designs

At times it can seem like the art of home design is dead. So many homes now are the product of templates, of per-fabricated patterns and plans that a designer will happily charge you top dollar for. But when you’re looking for something more, when you really want the home of your dreams, look to G. Douglas Valley. We’ll be happy to provide you with a truly original Strathroy house design.

There is a lot more that goes into designing a new home than some lines on a blueprint. Real design is a complicated process that takes years to master. Thankfully, at G. Douglas Vallee, our core team of designers, architects, and engineers have more than a combined 300 man years of experience at their disposal. We know exactly what needs to be done to make a project a success – all we need to know is that you want.

Because that’s what a new house design is really about, you. We are committed to serving our clients and attaining 100% satisfaction. We want you to feel in control and fully informed at each step of the design process to ensure your voice is heard. That’s why client communication, honesty, and integrity are our most important priorities at G. Douglas Vallee. 

When it’s time to start planning your home, don’t settle for anything less that perfection. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited for your Strathroy house design needs and get the best team in Ontario working for you. 

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