Waterloo Subdivision Development

In a growing city like Waterloo,
subdivision development is the perfect opportunity for a savvy business person
looking to provide homes to new residents. After all, arrivals to the city are
going to be looking for places to live—so why not offer them something that’s
completely irresistible?

G. Douglas Vallee Limited has experience
with subdivision development, and is committed to the task of constructing
attractive, functional family homes that conform to your company’s needs and
expectations. We know how to develop subdivisions that not only turn the head
for a second look, but leave the eye lingering on first glance.

We’re not all talk, either. We invite you
to take a look at our portfolio, found on our website—from Silver Lake Estates
in Port Dover to the Yin subdivision in Waterford, we know what it takes to
attract new residents.

And at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’re
also committed to client satisfaction, alongside our other core values of
honesty and integrity. We’ll keep an open communication with you on every step
of your project, and no decision involving cost or change will be made without
a frank discussion with you.

Call us today, and let’s begin
your Waterloo subdivision development—together!

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