Ayr Demolition Permit Drawings

Working on an architectural or building project in Ayr and need demolition permit drawings to clear the space you need? This might not seem like too big of an obstacle, but these drawings can be surprisingly tricky. You need to be familiar with a number of municipal and provincial requirements of such drawings. You need to understand the surroundings and history of the site and the potential hazards a demolition effort may kick up. It’s a lot of homework!

This is why you should consult the experts at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. It’s our job to know the answer to these kinds of questions. As professional engineers with more than a combined 300 man years of experience in the business, we’ve drawn up our fair share of demolition permit applications and know exactly what to look for, or rather, watch out for in this kind of project.

Delays and rejections can derail your project before it even begins. If you submit your demolition drawings and forget to include some crucial information, don’t include a summary of what the impact of the demolition might have no neighbouring buildings, or miss some other element of red tape, you can find yourself sent back to the drawing board again and again. 

Hire G. Douglas Vallee for your Ayr demolition permit drawings and get them done right the first time. We can help you navigate that red tape and so much more. Just fill out the contact information on the side of the page to get started. 

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