Brampton Grade Checks

Have you recently taken on a new property? You’ve probably gone through all the steps already, had the property inspected, noted likely repairs that will need to be done, improvements you’d like to make. But, have you done a proper grad check yet? In Woodstock and everywhere else in Ontario, a grade check might mean the difference between a prosperous and happy investment, and a miserable headache. 

A grade check is used to assess the risk run-off and pooling water may pose to a building. Rainfall, snow melt, flooding, and more can all pose a risk if the local topography and drainage surrounding your property isn’t up to snuff. A grade check will sidentify potential problem points, and offer solutions that will redirect water and allow for safe drainage.

This isn’t something just anyone can do. A proper grade check has specific requirements and it takes a professional’s eye to do it right. Thankfully, at G. Douglas Vallee, we only employ the best. Our core team is staffed with seasoned engineers and designers with plenty of experience in surveying and inspection. We’ll perform your Brampton grade check quickly, accurately, and for a more than reasonable rate.

A Brampton grade check is one of the smartest investments you can make in a new property. Safeguard all the money, time, and energy you’ve just put into your new acquisition with this vital test!

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