Brantford Demolition Permit Drawings

Before you’re able to receive approval for a new project, you’re going to require some demolition permit drawings in Brantford. These drawings need to be precise and thorough, because the last thing you want is to have a project stalled or delayed because the drawings didn’t conform to minimum land use bylaw requirements.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our in-house Registered Land Use Planner is able to provide honest, in-depth, and practical consulting services to our clients. We will work with you to develop those Brantford demolition permit drawings, as well as any other documentation needed to obtain the necessary permits and get your project rolling.

We’re proud to be the only firm in Norfolk County that offers professional land use planning services, and our track record of success in Ontario proves that we’re dependable, hard-workers who love what we do. And for the record, we’re committed to making our clients love what we do, too!

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