Brantford Subdivision Development

With any form of land development project, there tends to be a lot of red tape to work through. That can make life difficult when it comes to Brantford subdivision development, and it’s also why we’re glad we have Eldon Darbyson on our side.

Who is Eldon? He’s the planner on staff at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and he heads up the firm’s planning department. As a former local municipal employee, Eldon has a unique perspective on municipal land use planning, and consistently offers solid, dependable advice to our clients. He won’t beat around the bush, either—he’s up front, and he’ll tell you what you need to know.

Eldon works alongside our other highly experience team members to provide your Brantford subdivision development project with a number of service options through this department, including:

  • Draft plan of subdivision approvals
  • Coordination of subdivision registration process
  • Zoning by-law amendments
  • Other related land use issues

G. Douglas Vallee Limited has a team with the experience you need for your project’s success.

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