Cambridge Ontario Bridge Engineering

When you hear the word “bridge”, what’s the first bridge that comes to mind? The Golden Gate Bridge? The Brooklyn Bridge? Maybe even the Rainbow Bridge?

Well, we didn’t design any of those. But you know that bridge you drive over every morning to get to work? We might have designed that, and that’s much more important than a famous bridge on the other side of the continent! We’re G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and as silly as it may sound at first, we believe that Cambridge Ontario bridge engineering is much more important to you than, say, the Confederation Bridge.

We’re specialists in structural engineering, which means that we know bridges! We also know the terrain of Cambridge and the unique requirements for building around the Grand River and elsewhere in the city. In addition, we’re experts at structural frames and culverts—also important aspects to consider in large-scale construction projects.

Our clients rely on us to provide the highest quality of work imaginable, so that’s what we deliver. We’ve completed hundreds of successful bridge and culvert projects over the years, which means that we understand the requirements surrounding Cambridge Ontario bridge engineering. We’re G. Douglas Vallee Limited—the bridge building experts!

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