Cambridge Ontario Civil Engineering

G. Douglas Vallee Limited was incorporated in 1964, with the aim to provide quality Professional Engineering services to both the private and public sectors—and it wasn’t long afterward that we expanded our services to include Architecture. We’re now able to offer all potential clients a full house of services, from idea to completion!

When it comes to Cambridge Ontario civil engineering, we’re able to meet any and all needs of any and all project sizes, because of these decades of experience and increasing expertise.

We’re also committed to continual investment in leading edge technologies, which allows us to provide our clients with highly professional services in a marketplace that has only become more and more competitive. Our core team consists of four fully licensed Professional Engineers, one Architect and one Registered Land Use Planner—and along with a support team of numerous technical support people and secretarial staff, we’re fully capable of ensuring your civil engineering project in Cambridge Ontario is a success.

G. Douglas Vallee Limited provides Professional Engineering and Architectural services for projects of any size, from the very beginnings to that final moment when you step back and say: “It’s done!”

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