Cayuga Grade Checks

Leaky basement? Pooling in your lawn? That’s what happens when there’s been improper grading done. Correct grading of a property needs to take many things into consideration and is a highly specialized skill, which is why we at G. Douglas Vallee Limited offer Cayuga grade checks as one aspect of our full slate of architectural and engineering services.

We’re a firm with a focus in both professional architecture and engineering, allowing us to serve our clients from project inception to completion—or, we can tailor our services to exactly what is needed. When it comes to grade checks and grading design, we know all too well the results of improper grading. Water damage doesn’t make anyone happy, and it can even cause rifts between neighbours. That can make for a very uncomfortable existence!

After all, people are the most important thing, and for us that includes our clients. Not only do we want you and your neighbours to get along, but we believe in personal, friendly service and honest client interactions.

Water damage doesn’t have to be an inevitability of property ownership! Call our team at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and put us to work on your next Cayuga grade checks.

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