Delhi Subdivision development

When it comes to growing a city, attractive subdivisions that appeal to new residents and provide comfortable and affordable homes to growing families are vitally important. Well designed subdivisions can have a positive ripple effect on a city, bringing in new families with more spending power that improves the lives of everyone in the city. When you’re ready to start planning for a new subdivision in Delhi, call in the professionals at G. Douglas Vallee.

Since founding in 1964, we’ve worked on a number of subdivision projects across Ontario. You can check the success and quality in the Dover coast where we’ve worked on the development of over 900 living units, or the Yin’s subdivision in Waterford. Of course, there is also Simcoe’s Woodway Trails, a 1000 unit plus project we’re particularly proud of.

These subdivisions are successes because at G. Douglas Vallee, we understand what goes into great design. How to balance the competing elements of creating beautiful living spaces while keeping them accessible and in close proximity to vital utilities and resources. How to navigate the bureaucracy and regulation of subdivision development and make sure no nasty surprises interrupt or delay the project.

Our multi-faceted team is more than ready to tackle any design challenge you may be facing. Whatever the scope, size, or requirements of your project, G. Douglas Vallee can make it work. Call us to design your Delhi subdivision project, you won’t be disappointed. 

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