Dutton Architect

Want to build something special? Then you need a special team handling the design! At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’ve assembled one of the best teams of professional designers, engineers, and construction specialists in Ontario. When it comes to architect services in Dutton and beyond, we’re proud to say that our team of seasoned professionals have what it takes to make your project a success.

Proficiency takes time and dedication. Here at G. Douglas Vallee, we understand that. That’s why our core team contains more that 300 combined man-years of expertise with experience on jobs as diverse as cathedrals to skate parks. We’ve cultivated a team that has seen and done it all over the years and is eager for the next challenge.

This is also why we’re committed to ongoing training and expanding out tool-set on a regular basis. We’re never content to rest or become complacent in our methods. Our team constantly expands their skills through on-going training in the latest engineering and design techniques while our shop always keeps an eye on the latest tools and technology for ways to optimize our process.

Build for the future by using the lessons of the past. G. Douglas Valleee Limited is the Dutton architect you want to steward your project and see it through from inception to completion. 

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