Dutton Grade Checks

Lot grading isn’t the first thing most people think about when they picture land development and construction, but it is an essential aspect of any project! At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, it’s our job to see what other people don’t, to think about development differently. We understand the importance of an efficient grade check in your Dutton development project as a way of safeguarding your investment and the long-term health of the finished project.

Grading is all about shaping the land to work with your project, rather than against it. You need to look at the local topography and elevation, identify where water is likely to run and pool, and any available drainage. Most developments require large spaces of perfectly flat land, so you need to provide an outlet for any water (say from rain, snow, or ice melt) that will move it away from any buildings and towards a safe drainage point. 

None of this is new, grading has been an integral part of development since the earliest civil engineering projects. Ancient cities and roads were made flat and level through the use of elbow grease and draft animals, a time consuming and ridiculously laborious process. Today, we use heavy machinery to excavate and shape the land as needed, and then finish the precise grade with a industrial grader. Which just goes to show, good ideas never die, but they do evolve!

When you’re in the market for site grading, road design, storm and sanitary sewer design, or need any other kind of grade checks in Dutton, get the job done by the best. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

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