Elora House Designs

House design is a joy. Don’t think so? Think of how many toys are based on setting up a tiny model home (or maybe base or hero headquarters depending on your preferences). Look at how many games and apps are glorified design fantasies. Titles like The Sims are some of the best selling video games of all time, and mostly revolve around a fantasy of creating the perfect home! At G. Douglas Vallee, we love house design as well, but we also take it seriously. When you’re looking for a firm to create your Elora house designs, call on a firm that is both passionate and technically accomplished.

Putting together the perfect home is an art that is comprised of a dozen difference sciences. There is a hard technical edge to design, understanding the materials involved, accounting for plumbing, wiring, ventilation, ensuring that everything not only meets specifications and regulations, but our own rigorous standards of quality. 

But there is also an art. A good home needs to convey a sense of place, a feeling. Your home expresses your personality and (even if it sounds far-fetched) can influence your attitude and comfort. Designing homes doesn’t just mean satisfying regulations, it also demands an artistic flare, and the ability to communicate clearly and honestly with the client to ensure it fits their vision as well.

To us, these challenges are exactly what we crave! There is nothing our firm enjoys more than tackling a tricky house design in a way that astounds and amazes our clients. In Elora and beyond, you won’t find a better team for the job. Fill in the contact information on the side of the screen to get in touch and get started!

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