Guelph Residential Development

In the ever-expanding towns and cities west
of Toronto, one key factor in growth is the provision of places for new
residents to live. In Guelph, residential development will continue to be a
critical requirement for attracting and keeping new residents and commuters.

G. Douglas Vallee Limited is an engineering
and architectural firm with significant experience in the area of residential
development. In fact, our portfolio of work showcases a number of these

  • Woodway Trails (Simcoe) –
    1,000+ dwelling units
  • Yin Subdivision (Waterford) –
    200+ dwelling units
  • Dover Coast (Port Dover) – 900+
    dwelling units
  • Somerset (Port Dover) – 311
    dwelling units

We approach every one of our projects with
the intention and determination of creating an extremely functional development
with a design that’s both appealing and suitable for its context.

Our firm members work on projects as a team,
complementing each other’s strengths and skills, in order to provide all of our
clients with the benefit of quality assurance, quality commitment, and a
quality project.

We believe this approach is what results in
complete client satisfaction when working with us. Simply contact G. Douglas
Vallee Limited for your next Guelph residential development project!

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