Guelph Subdivision Development

When it comes to land development projects, you want a team on your side that will be able to work through the red tape without burning any bridges—literally or figuratively, if you know what we mean! Paperwork, permits, and unexpected delays can derail your Guelph subdivision development project—but at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our experience with subdivision development means we know how to keep a cool head and keep your project rolling.

When you work with us, we get the job done and we do it right. Need a draft plan of subdivision approvals? Hoping to apply for zoning by-law amendments? Or maybe you need to coordinate the subdivision registration process, which is tricky in and of itself. Doesn’t matter—we can handle it! We have a secret weapon that’s not so secret, and his name is Eldon Darbyson.

Eldon is the planner on staff at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and before coming to our planning department, he worked as a local municipal employee. That’s right, we have someone on our team who has a unique “other side” view of municipal land use planning! He offers up solid, consistent, and dependable advice on Guelph subdivision development.

If this sounds like the kind of guy you want working on your project? Just give us a call!

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