Halton Hills Culvert Engineering

There are certain fundamentals in design and engineering that have been around forever, and one great example is the culvert! Stretching back to antiquity, culvert have been keeping cities dry, roads clear, and water ways constant since the days of the ancient Romans! They’re as essential today as it was then (if not more so) so make sure your city’s Halton Hills culvert engineering is being handled right by a professional team that understands what makes them so important – G. Douglas Vallee Limited! 

We’ve been helping cities and municipalities deal with overflowing water and troublesome drainage for nearly 60 years. From washed out roads to seasonal standing water, we’ve seen it all and designed a solution for it! 

Our core team includes both registered land use planners and civic engineers so believe us when we say we’re equipped to handle the challenge. We’re intimately familiar with the regulatory requirements of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, the Navigable Waters Protection Act, and the Fisheries Act, and have the building and design chops to scope, plan, and build culverts that we know will stand the test of time and the elements.

Good ideas never go out of style, and our Halton Hills culvert engineering is proof of that! Don’t find yourself knee deep in water down the line because you thought any old firm could take on the job of designing culverts for your city. Fill out the contact info on the side and get in touch with a professional design and engineering firm you can trust!

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