Halton Hills House Plans

Take a second to think about your home, really think about it. Think about where you would start if you were a designer. Would you begin with designing the exterior, the look of the walls, the flow of the roof, how the windows are shaped? Or more fundamentally, would you start at the foundation, work your way from the basement up? Maybe you’d think about the area around the building first, design the grading before you begin. And that’s the exciting part of design! There are so many options to choose from! At G. Douglas Vallee, we always start with Halton Hills house plans.

G. Douglas Vallee Limited has been in the business of designing quality homes for almost 60 years. We are a full-service design and engineering firm that understands exactly what it takes to envision a project from scratch and take it all the way through completion. We’ve worked on everything from humble bungalows to sprawling office blocks and every related challenge in between. Our core team of seasoned professionals bring a myriad of skills and design inspirations together to make our projects truly unique!

When we create Halton Hills house plans, we don’t simply rubber stamp some pre-approved design pulled out of a drawer. We give an extra level of effort to understanding each client’s needs, what features they need, what they want their home to look and feel. It’s this extra effort that gives each and every design we do its own unique personality.

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