Hamilton Building Permit Drawings

Building permits are required for you to receive legal authorization to start construction or demolition of a building—and are only issued in accordance with approved drawings. Sounds easy, right? Well, while a building owner can create their own Hamilton building permit drawings, they need to first be familiar with government regulations, by-laws, requirements of the Ontario Building Code, and more. And what happens if you get the drawing wrong?

It’s quite the headache, that’s for sure. That’s why G. Douglas Vallee Limited is a qualified designer for hire to do these drawings for you! We’re a full-service engineering and architectural firm, and we’re here to help with building permit drawings—so that you can avoid the costly delays that come with having your building permit denied due to incorrect drawings.
At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’ve built our reputation on honesty and solid client

relationships. We have a passion for every aspect of our profession, whether it’s creating permit drawings or erecting an entire building. We believe it’s our team-based approach to each job that makes the difference, as it fosters an environment of success for our clients.

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