Hamilton Home Designs

Have you met Mark, our director of Architecture? If you’re searching around online for the best possibilities for Hamilton home designs, we’d like to recommend G. Douglas Vallee Limited’s very own architect, who has been licensed by the Ontario Association of Architects for over 30 years. Mark’s experience and unique knowledge of the industry is something he transfers to all our projects—and to yours, too!

In fact, Mark’s experience extends beyond home designs, including everything from commercial to recreational projects, and even health care and industrial buildings. Regardless of the size of the project or the budget, we can do it and tailor all the services we offer to meet your needs. If all you need is a home design for a single-family dwelling? No problem! If you’re thinking you’d like the full gamut from design to completion? We can do that too. Or multiple homes? We’re on board.

First, we’ll listen to your expectations on the project, and then we’ll work to exceed them in every way. At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our dedication to open and clear communication with both clients and team members is what we believe contributes greatly to the success of each of our projects. Whether you’re searching for single Hamilton home designs or a whole subdivision, give Mark a call! We’re here to answer your questions and see your project succeed.

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