Ingersoll Civil Engineering

Every city, big or small, lives by the quality of its civil engineering. In Ingersoll and beyond, when you need a civil project done right and on time, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is the firm for the job.

G. Douglas Vallee Limited is a full service design firm. With a core team of expert engineers, designers, architects, and specialists with over 300 combined years of experience in the field, we have the skills, knowledge, and background necessary to take on any project. Our commitment to ongoing training and the acquisition of the latest technological advances means we’re always at the forefront of our craft and prepared to meet any challenge we might encounter.

When you have a civil engineering project, it’s important that it proceeds smoothly. There is nothing worse than a civil project that drags on, goes over budget, or becomes a debacle. That’s why you need a firm that is not only professional and capable, but honest and forthright. We believe in open communication and transparency with our clients, not nasty surprises and delays.

Every city needs the occasional spot of work. When you need a civil engineering project in Ingersoll done right and on time, get in touch with the professionals of G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

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