Ingersoll Subdivision Development

Attractive subdivisions that appeal to prospective residents are the backbone of modern city growth. Affordable and convenient homes available for growing families are exactly what you need to keep a steady stream of new faces moving into town. If you’re planning to start a new subdivision development in Ingersoll, you’ll want to make sure it is being designed by a team that understands the challenges of such a project and has a proven track record in tackling them.

You can see our work across Ontario. Just look at our Dover coast project, a development that involved more than 900 high-quality units. Or our work in Waterford with the Simcoe Woodway Trails subdivision, a project involving more than 1000 units. Gorgeous units perfectly positioned for maximum convenience and appeal. We’re proud to let our work speak for itself.

At G. Douglas Vallee, we’re successful at subdivision projects because we pay attention the the details. Our team of professional designers and engineers have more than 300 combined years of experience on projects of all kinds and scales across Ontario. We know how to plan, budget, and execute reliably, and professionally. We know how to navigate the red tape and snarling bureaucracy of a subdivision project to keep it on track, on schedule, and on budget.

Make sure your subdivision development in Ingersoll is a success. Get in touch with G. Douglas Vallee today so we can discuss your goals and start designing for your future success.

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