Innerkip Civil Engineering

When I was young, one of my teachers installed Sim City on the creaky old computer in our library. The software was much too modern for the aging computer and it barely ran, stuttering and crashing constantly. Still, I poured hours into it. I’d take ever excuse I could to sneak down to the library and spend some time plotting out the highways of my fictional city, plotting the zoning permits to maximize growth, choosing which landmarks to install. It filled me with an early passion for civil engineering, a passion that we bring to our Innerkip projects today.

Sim City is a fun game, but it’s a far cry from reality. For as complex as a simulation it ran, one which nearly fried our old library computer once the population got too high, the realities of civil engineering are infinitely more nuanced and interesting. From big ticket projects like bridges and canals that become both practical parts of a city and landmarks defining their personality, to the unseen work of things like culverts and rehabilitation projects, every project comes together to build a city. 

At G. Douglas Vallee, we’ve taken on almost every type of civil engineering project you can imagine. Bridges? Of course. Roads? Naturally. Skate parks? You better believe it! Our core team of experienced engineers, designers, and specialists have touched almost every aspect of civil design and know exactly what it takes to make a project a success. More than just a few clicks of a mouse, we know that civil engineering thrives when planning, communication, and action come together with purpose and vision. 

When you have a civil engineering project in Innerkip that needs an experienced touch, remember G. Douglas Vallee. We’ve been thinking about the challenges cities face and how to solve them our entire lives, and we’ll be happy to apply those lessons to your project.

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