Innerkip Subdivision Development

When I was a teenager, I always dreamed about life in a big city like Toronto. The towering skyscrapers, the night life, the endless action. It all sounded very romantic before I actually headed there for collage. Let me tell you, when you have papers to write and tests to study for, suddenly the endless press and noise of the big city becomes a lot less endearing. I’m not alone either, more and more Ontarians are ditching the big cities in favour of subdivisions and if you have a development in Innerkip, we can help make it a success.

Subdivisions tend to take a lot of flak as developments that somehow pop up overnight. If you’ve ever worked on one though, you know that isn’t true. Good subdivision design is an art made up of a hindered different sciences. It requires the combined efforts of land use planners, community designers, architects, and engineers to truly shine. 

Thankfully, the core team at G. Douglas Vallee is made up of individuals who specialize in those various roles. Our experienced group of design veterans know how to scope, plan, and execute on complex projects through a development pipeline we’ve spent years perfecting. By combining our skills, we’ve been able to perform minor miracles when it comes to getting subdivisions off the ground and under budget.

Small comfortable communities are more than a trend, they are a way of life for people. When you need a team that will shepherd your Innerkip subdivision development from conception to move-in day, call G. Douglas Vallee Limited.   

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