Kitchener Bridge Engineering

The Zhaozhou Bridge is the world’s oldest stone segmental arch bridge, located in China. It was originally built in 605 AD, and still stands firm and strong today—1400 years later!

We’d like to think that our bridges will stand the test of time, just like the Zhaozhou Bridge. Sure, we haven’t built any bridges in China, but our Kitchener bridge engineering is probably more relevant to your everyday life anyway.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we take our responsibility for bridge engineering seriously. Safety, aesthetics, functionality, and client expectations must all work together to build a bridge that will stand strong, no matter what.

Our hundreds of successful bridge and culvert projects for area municipalities demonstrate our track record for excellence in structural engineering, and our ability to manage these projects amidst differing municipal requirements and guidelines.

Be it a new or replacement structure, G. Douglas Vallee Limited’s Kitchener bridge engineering team conducts quality work, every time. Maybe your bridge will be the next Zhaozhou!

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