Kitchener Civil Engineering

In 1964, G. Douglas Vallee Limited incorporated under the goal of providing professional engineering services to the private and public sectors. Today, we offer a full range of services in Ontario, with Kitchener civil engineering being just one of the areas we work in. From conception to completion, we can do it.

Because of our extensive experience in engineering and architecture, we have the ability and capability to meet the needs of any sized project, and we are able to tailor the services offered to exactly what the client requires.

This kind of well-rounded approach is what has allowed our dedicated team to stay knowledgeable and informed about leading edge technologies, which continually increases our ability to provide highly professional services to all our clients. In a marketplace that only becomes more competitive by the week, we believe this is critical—and thereby a contributing factor to our clients’ success.

With four fully licensed Professional Engineers, one Architect, a Registered Land Use Planner, and a full house of junior staff members and support staff, we believe we’re the team you want for your Kitchener civil engineering needs.

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