Kitchener Subdivision Development

New arrivals to the Tri-Cities need somewhere to live… or else they won’t stick around! There are many cities to choose from along the 401 corridor, but you want them to choose Kitchener. Subdivision development, featuring attractive, functional family homes, is the city’s future. Who will you choose to help bring your project into fruition?

G. Douglas Vallee Limited understands the economic importance of attracting new residents and families to the city, and we have the experience you’re looking for in subdivision development. We know how to create subdivisions that catch the eye and hold the heart—while staying on budget, and without cutting corners.

We’re a company founded on honesty, integrity, and a commitment to client satisfaction. We believe in open communication, and we keep our clients informed every step of the way. As you watch your subdivision move from concept to construction, we’ll be sure to represent you in a professional way to any authorities—and we’ll always talk to you before making any changes during the project.

Not ready to build yet? No problem! We also do consultations. From idea to finished product, we work within your needs—not the other way around. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and let’s bring that Kitchener subdivision development to life.

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