Listol House Addition Drawings

Your home is perfect, you love it. There’s just one thing…

Maybe it’s baby number three on the way

Maybe it’s time to finally time to recline in that study you’ve always dreamed about

Maybe one of your children is coming back home and everybody would just feel a little better with a bit more space to breath.

Whatever the case, your home needs to grow! But before you break out the dry wall and saws-all, you’re going to need a plan. That’s where G. Douglas Vallee comes in – trust us with your Listol house addition drawings and we’ll make sure your renovation project goes off without a hitch!

A lot of people assume a house addition is no big deal. Knock out a wall here, extend the ceiling there, run some electricity into the room, piece of cake, right? Well, from an engineering perspective there is a lot more that goes into a safe home addition than that. You need a plan to make sure you’re on the right track, have looked over all the possible challenges, and will end up with a solution that enhances your home rather than harm it.

More than that, you also need to secure municipal approval. That’s right, home additions need to be approved by the city before they can begin. There is nothing worse than getting half way through a project and then hearing a knock at the door. But with the proper house addition plans, you can breeze through the application process and get building.

Our expert team of experienced draftsmen are more than up to the challenge. Fill out the information on the right, let us know what kind of addition you are thinking about, and we’ll be in touch to draft your Listol house addition drawings without delay!

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