Listol House Designs

Mismatched window frames, siding that doesn’t quite cover an entire wall, “load bearing drywall” – these are just a few of the house design horrors we’ve seen over the years, often when being contracted to fix a mistake that never should have made it past the blueprint. Building a home and building a home right are two very different things, and you definitely will prefer living in the results of the latter. That’s why you need G. Douglas Vallee for your Listol house designs.

Design is interesting because it lives at the intersection between hard engineering science and the artistic spirit. There are many, many technical considerations that go into a quality design. From measurements to electricity, from plumbing to grading, there are thousands of small design problems that must be solved on paper for every single home. Ensuring a home is sound, built to code, and safe is all about solving a series of math and physics questions again and again.

But then there is the artistry involved. This is where a design becomes a home you’d want to live in. Ensuring that the home is inviting, comfortable. That is communicates a sense of place that meshes with your sensibilities. That is combines curb appeal with practical day-to-day living. This is where design and engineering must come together.

Our expert staff have the skills to make that union possible. With more than 300 combined man-years working on projects large and small across the province, G. Douglas Vallee Limited has the experience and knowledge to create the best possible house designs for your Listol project. So don’t delay, fill out the contact information on the side of the screen and get in touch!

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