London Ontario Bridge Engineering

Have you ever heard of gephyrophobia? That’s the word to describe a fear of bridges. It may be a fear of becoming trapped on a bridge, or that a bridge is unstable and may collapse. G. Douglas Vallee Limited understands the critical importance of bridge engineering, and our London Ontario engineering services are so thorough and of the utmost quality, that even the worst gephyrophobiac can rest assured at their security and safety on our bridges.

When you choose G. Douglas Vallee Limited for London Ontario bridge engineering projects, you get experience from a team who has successfully undertaken hundreds of bridge projects for area municipalities over the history of the practice. Whether it’s a new or a replacement structure, we’re familiar inside and out with the regulatory requirements of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code—we don’t cut corners, and we don’t believe in “good enough.”

The G. Douglas Vallee engineering team is committed to providing a superior product, on budget and on time, every time. We’ve been doing this for nearly half a century, because we do things differently and we do them right. We’re committed to new, leading technologies, allowing firm members to complement each other’s strengths and skills—using the best of proven techniques and advancements in the field.

If you have a bridge engineering project? Let G. Douglas Vallee Limited provide a phobia-busting, first-class project experience for you!

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