London Ontario Culvert Engineering

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our head of structural engineering—Mr. Ryan Elliot, P.Eng., BDS—knows a thing or two about culvert engineering in London Ontario. As a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, he knows the land and the landscape of London, and has made his mark in the field as a Professional Engineer and Building Design Specialist (licensed with Professional Engineers Ontario).

Ryan has the education and experience needed to ensure that culvert projects with G. Douglas Vallee Limited are effective, stable, and secure. With structural, civil, and geotechnical engineering experience, he has a wealth of knowledge that ensures the success of every culvert engineering project in London Ontario that we undertake.

And here’s the beauty of it—he’s only one person in a team of four licensed Professional Engineers, not to mention three additional engineers-in-training… and an architect, a land use planner, and a handful of support staff. With over 300 man-years of combined experience, you’ll have plenty of Ryan’s tackling your project, with the knowledge and understanding to get it right—on budget, and on time.

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