London Ontario Grade Checks

The lot grading process is a complex but critical aspect of land development, and not something we take lightly at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Grade checks in London Ontario are thorough and crucial to the ongoing success of your project—not to mention the longevity of your developed land—and we understand the importance of effective and efficient lot grading for all types of land. Whether you have a project that requires lot grading, or you’re looking to have a grade check completed, we’re the ones to call.

G. Douglas Vallee has been incorporated since 1964, and in today’s competitive marketplace, there’s a reason we’ve stuck around. We’re a leader in private land development because of our dedication to quality and our personal relationships with our clients. We believe in involving the client in every step of their project, whether it’s a multi-million dollar venture, or a small private project.

The next time you’re in the market for site grading, water main design, road design, storm and sanitary sewer design, or looking at grade checks in London Ontario, give G. Douglas Vallee Limited a call, and put our knowledgeable team to work for you.

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