London Ontario House Plans

In 1964, G. Douglas Vallee Limited became incorporated, with one key goal: Provide quality professional engineering services to the public and private sectors. As time moved on, the company expanded to include architectural services, founded on excellence and honesty with the client.

Today, G. Douglas Vallee Limited remains passionate about their work, including services such as house plans in London Ontario. They work closely with the client to fulfill all the needs and expectations of the house plan design, and keep the client informed of all the costs as the design is developed—and perhaps most importantly, creating an extremely functional facility plan that’s appealing and suitable for the location.

When G. Douglas Vallee Limited creates London Ontario house plans, they don’t simply “get the job done”, the extra level of effort given to understanding each client’s needs means each and every design will have its own identity, unique in character and form. Why this level of attention to detail? Simple. They’re committed to full client satisfaction—and if you love it? They do too.

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