Mississauga Bridge Engineering

Some bridges are as recognizable and iconic as the cities they reside in. The Golden Gate bridge, the Tower bridge, the Charles bridge, just to name a few. Those bridges aren’t just a way to cross a span of water or land, they say something about the cities they’re in, the people that live there, the people who built them. Now, not every bridge is going to be a world famous landmark, but they are still a point of pride for every city! When you need Mississauga bridge engineering, you need the minds and passion of G. Douglas Vallee Limited to make one worthy of your municipality.

Since establishing in 1964, we’ve completed hundred of successful bridge projects for municipalities across Southern Ontario. We’ve built entire structures from scratch, rehabilitated aging structures, and provided the leg work on inspections and studies. We’ve worked on land bridges, bridges over water, quaint pedestrian crossings, and major commercial through-ways. We have a wealth of expertise when it comes to bridge projects to make sure the job gets done.

When we work to build or repair a bridge, we take everything into consideration. Safety, aesthetics, and functionality. They all have to work hand in hand to make a bridge that becomes a point of pride for a city. It must also conform to the many regulations and requirements of Southern Ontario, such as the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, the Navigable Water Protection Act, and so on. It is no simple task, but we’re more than up to the challenge! When you need Mississauga bridge engineering, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is the name to trust.

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