Norfolk County Subdivision Development

When you plan for subdivision development, the process can get complicated when you don’t have all the right pieces. Ontario’s Planning Act dictates how you can get approval for creating a subdivision and the steps you must take before you do.

At G. Douglas Vallee, we can help you plan and walk you through the process to keep you compliant with Norfolk County subdivision development laws. We work with projects of all sizes, and we commit to your goals and expectations.

Steps of Subdivision Development Planning

Before you can go through with your subdivision development plans, you must know how to get approval in Norfolk County. 

According to Ontario’s bylaws, you must:

  1. Meet with municipal staff
  2. Complete and submit your application
  3. Receive approval for your draft plan
  4. Receive registration and final approval, following any appeals
  5. Purchase or transfer the lots for your subdivision

These steps involve appearing before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), as well as attending public meetings regarding the subdivision development project and its approval. To ensure you have all the plans, information, and support you need for this process, talk to G. Douglas Vallee.

Requirements of Subdivision Development

When it comes to planning for subdivision development in Norfolk County, you need several items before starting the building process. To apply for subdivision development, you must have a registered plan of subdivision.

This plan shows the surveyed lots, street locations and names, and any schools or parks. Once you have a subdivision plan, you can start the approval process. 

You must also file a land severance application. Once approved, this application will permit you to use the designated land for your subdivision development project.

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