Paris Home Designs

Home design is often a little trickier than most people expect. If you’ve ever watched one of those “design nightmare” or “rescue renovation” shows, you’re probably seeing the result of an amateur designer who got in over his head. That’s why it’s important to go to the professionals from the very start. After all, it is cheaper to get it right the first time than to come back for renovations in a few years. G. Douglas Vallee can get your Paris home designs right the first time without all the pain.

We’ve been in the business of designing beautiful, functional, and fully up-to-code homes for more than 50 years. Our firm has offered high quality architectural and designer services to clients both big and small, public and private, over the decades, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built with our work. Everyone knows you can count on G. Douglas Vallee to do the job right, quickly, and on budget.

When you call on us for home design, we give you the service we’d want ourselves. We don’t push per-fabricated plans on you, or glaze over your concerns or desires with easy solutions. We design the home YOU want. We will sit down with you, discuss every element of the design, and draw up something that you will instantly recognize as your brain child while still meeting every regulation and code. 

Don’t let your home become the reality TV fodder of the future. Get it done right the first time with G. Douglas Vallee Paris home designs. Call us today!

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