Port Stanley Grade Checks

A grade check is one of those things that you might think you can skip – right up to the point where you’re standing in six inches of water in your basement. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, a Port Stanley grade check is one of the best ways to secure the long-term value of your property.

Water is insidious and it gets in wherever it can. From heavy rainfalls in the summer, to winter melt-off, to poor local drainage, there are no end of ways for water to settle where it shouldn’t on your property and ultimately worm its way into your building. Water damage is one of the most expensive and difficult problems for any home owner or property manager to deal with, often requiring extensive repairs, decontamination, and the replacement of contents and goods.

But, these consequences can be easily avoided! A simple grade check that surveys your property and re-directs water away from valuables and towards natural drainage points is all it takes! By examining the topography of the local terrain, the type of soil around, and any possible blockages, you can avoid any damages before they happen.

Don’t wait till your breaking out the bailing bucket and sump pump to consider a Port Stanley grade check. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited today and protect your property!

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