Simcoe Culvert Engineering

Living in Ontario means many things, but among those is the beautiful landscape and everyday nature we encounter. That’s what makes Simcoe culvert engineering so important—it takes safe, stable culverts built in just the right places in order to enable harmony between ourselves and the land around us.

Effective culvert engineering requires good design, impeccable planning, and correct materials, as well as ongoing inspection and maintenance. That’s why we at G. Douglas Vallee Limited are experts at accommodating the surrounding wildlife and protecting the health of our region’s waterways. Plus, a job done right means reducing structural damage and costly erosion down the line!

With over 300 combined man-years of experience in our fields, we at G. Douglas Vallee Limited are a team of highly-trained professionals who want to put our expertise to work on your Simcoe culvert engineering project. Our proven track record of success, combined with the good relationships we build with local Councils (and subsequently our clients!) makes us the perfect fit for an upcoming structural engineering project in Simcoe.

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