Simcoe Structural Engineering

Here at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our structural engineering department is headed up by Ryan Elliott, a Professional Engineer and Building Design Specialist. Licensed with Professional Engineers Ontario, Ryan is the one we call on when it comes to Simcoe structural engineering projects—and we think you should, too.

Here’s why: Ryan’s experience and education runs across a wide scope, including other forms of engineering like civil and geotechnical, giving him practical design knowledge from foundation footings all the way to roof peaks. And even better? He’s not the only one on our team! G. Douglas Vallee Limited’s structural engineering crew supports our architectural practice, because we understand how integral it is to have a holistic view of your project from all angles—and to have a team that can work together to achieve all your project’s goals.

The next time you need structural engineering in Simcoe, give Ryan a call. We’ll put him, and a dream team of experienced professionals to complement his skills, on the job for you.

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