St. George Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a science of a hundred different disciplines. It requires a different mindset from the traditional private project. You have to understand how a community works, how a change in one place can effect a change in another. It’s a complicated business that requires a steady hand, a clear focus, and a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields. Thankfully, that makes G. Douglas Vallee Limited the perfect firm to handle your St. George civil engineering project. 

Our firm is made up of a diverse team of experts. We have designers, engineers, and architects on staff, ready to pool their collective knowledge to take on any project. Our diverse expertise allows us to tailor the services we offer to meet your project’s exact needs. 

It’s that flexibility and experience that has allowed us to be so successful at a variety of projects over the years. From skate parks to sewage plants, we’ve worked on nearly every kind of civil and private project imaginable, consistently impressing our clients and coming in on schedule and within budget.

If you have  a St. George civil engineering project that needs to be done professionally and on time, consult with a firm that has a proven reputation for excellence. At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we have all the skills and abilities to shepherd your project, give us a call today.

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