St. George House Addition Drawings

While adding an addition to a house may seem like an easy matter, any experienced builder will tell you otherwise. Doing it right is an involved process, one that requires an eye for detail and no small amount of creativity and imagination. It’s important to start with a solid plan designed with forethought. That’s why you should turn to G. Douglas Vallee Limited for your St. George house addition drawings!

We pride ourselves not just on our attention to detail, but also our ability to see the big picture. When you want a functional, beautiful, livable addition on your home, you don’t want somebody who is just going to find the easiest way to jam another room to the side of your home. You want someone with experience, someone who understands what you want to accomplish and will make it work in an elegant, beautiful way.

Our designers are exactly those kind of people. With over 50 years in the business, we know exactly what homeowners are looking for. We will work closely with you, involve you in the process and make sure you are more than satisfied with your house addition drawings. In St. George and the rest of Ontario, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is the firm you want to expand your home

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