St. Thomas Civil Engineering

What makes a city a city? Obviously the people are the most important part, but how do they get around? What powers their homes? How do they get to work? What kind of amenities can they find nearby? This is where things like roads, bridges, commercial centers, canals, dams, and every other kind of building and city staple you care to mention come into play! And all of those are elements of civil engineering. In St. Thomas and beyond, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is doing its part to make our cities better.

Our civil engineering team is headed up by Mr. Greg Smith, P.Eng. Mr. Smith is an accomplished engineer with years of experience in the field. He cut his teeth at Queen’s University and  s a licensed Professional Engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario, but has never stopped learning and developing his professional skills. His work has been instrumental in a number of large sub-division projects as well as large-scale watermain network analysis, making sure everything is flowing where it should in a city. 

Civil engineering is a varied field that incorporates several different schools of thought. Our civil engineering services reflect that, our team is ready to take on almost any challenge including site grading, storm and sanitary sewer design, watermain design, road design, land development, and smaller more niche services such as culvert design. Whatever the job, you can be sure that G. Douglas Vallee is more than up to the task!

If you’re looking for a team to bring success to your St. Thomas civil engineering project, look no further than G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Pick up the phone and call us today!

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